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Left: From 2012, left to right, son Ben, son-in-law Garrett Kimball, dad Kim Rinaman, daughter Abby Kimball, mom Lana Rinaman, me, son David, husband Glenn, and daughter Betsy.  Right: 2018

After completing my Master's degree in English at Florida State University and working there and at Auburn University and other colleges for a few years, I became aware that many homeschooling pioneers of the 1990s were concerned about writing instruction for their secondary students. After an experimental year using postal correspondence, with the debut of internet connectivity in homes in the mid-1990s I began teaching a few short courses on the AOL Online Campus in 1995, then set up my website in 1996 and have taught hundreds online since then. It has been a rewarding opportunity for constant innovation, including five years in eighteen live online classrooms serving almost 300 students. I have always offered my clients asynchronous instruction and personalized evaluation.


Glenn Marsch and I married in 1986 and he is a Professor of Physics at Grove City College, where we have enjoyed a small farm in the countryside since 2004. We have homeschooled all four of our children for most of their education, and we founded Augustine School with two other couples in 2001, when Glenn was a Professor of Physics at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Our older daughter, Abby, has an English degree from Grove City College, her husband Garrett Kimball a computer degree from GCC, and they live in Pittsburgh, where he works for SimCoach Games and she works as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Our son David, a GCC graduate in mechanical engineering, works for Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio. Our daughter Betsy, a 2014 graduate of Union University with a degree in fine art (painting), works as a painter in Franklin, Tennessee. Our son Ben is enrolled at Union University as an engineering major, in the class of 2021.


In an exciting development for me in 2015, I began a career as a writer and editor. Please visit and Moraine's Edge Books to learn more. I am also glad to have returned to the college classroom beginning in Fall 2016 to teach Foundations of Academic Discourse to freshmen at Grove City College. 


To learn more of my professional credentials, please download my curriculum vitae. Learn more about the work of Betsy Marsch with Marsch Studios, responsible for the custom graphics work on this site. All photos are courtesy of Glenn Marsch and his Flickr pages.


Thank you for letting me introduce myself!  I look forward to serving you . . .


-Cindy Rinaman Marsch

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Please note: my name and some of my work associated with the academically dishonest website studybay. I signed up with them to see if I could find my info but was unable to, and they are unresponsive to my requests to be cleared out of their files. I have no connection to them and do not endorse them. (5/2017)