WINTER MONDAYS - Making Your Point: The Persuasive Essay

A four-week easygoing workshop you can join at any time, though it's best to attend each meeting if possible. Recordings should be available after each one, and the whole course will be available in another form later. Visit the WizIQ site here for each meeting.

  • January 18 - Introduction - The Focus of Persuasion (View recording here)
  • January 25 - Testing the Limits
  • February 1 - Arranging the Parts
  • February 8 - Reusing the Pattern

ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - Writing Skills for Literature and History

A Self-Study Course on WizIQ Based on the Fall 2015 Live Workshop 

Writing Skills Workshop for Great Books Students - Meeting 1
Alternatively titled "Writing Skills for Literature and History," this four-meeting course takes students through a friendly introduction to writing about the Great Books (and good books). The accompanying downloadable materials will make clear what the assignments are for each meeting. This is a live capture of an actual meeting, so it has some slow starts and a few glitches, but if you are patient, I think you will enjoy it and find it helpful.
Writing Workshop GB1.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File 76.9 MB

Schedule a consultation, tutoring session, or group class.

The ideal time to schedule a meeting is before or after a scheduled workshop/office-hours time, but many times are possible. Please order a consultation and we will go from there.

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