Evaluation is the powerful core of Writing Assessment Services, drawing on my three decades teaching writing to college and secondary students and others.

Each writer has unique strengths and needs, and I begin there, building each one toward his or her potential. I have worked with published authors, educators, and business people; encouraged struggling teens; and helped launch many students into excellent college writing. When you submit work via email, I respond with extensive written commentary focused as you direct.



  • Your evaluation order includes free consultation and whatever curriculum you might need from my substantial library.
  • Revisions count only half their actual word count. 
  • Evaluations may be shared within a family.
  • Additional evaluation orders are discounted.
  • Sample the service with a single evaluation of up to 1000 words.

"Cindy Marsch's Writing Assessment Services provides a wonderful service - in-depth critique of student papers at an affordable rate."

--Susan Wise Bauer, The Well-Trained Mind  

"My daughter H. just received her PSAT scores. . . . In writing skills she scored in the 99th percentile. . . . H. told me that your correcting her writing was a big help. . . . [S]he remembered many of the things in question were areas you had addressed in her writing. . . . We are very grateful for the services you provide."

--Homeschooling mom

"I will be purchasing packages for two children next year. . . . I value your service immensely. I think I would be frozen in a panic without you! . . . It is difficult for me to evaluate or help them improve what they write, although I am learning. Thank you so very much for providing this service for us."  

      --Homeschooling mom


Available for a single submission or a series, with extensive written commentary to guide revision or focus new work. Each evaluation order includes a consultation and any curriculum needed for a customized plan, with evaluation of up to 5,000 words.  

Extensive written commentary once or ongoing


Already know what course you want from the Curriculum pages? Use the Quick Order menu below--courses are priced according to the word count of the personalized evaluations.

Quick Order Courses

These courses are offered in packages with evaluation and consultation/customization, with word counts in a common range, which can be added to later if needed. 

Common Versions of Select Courses


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