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The Report: A Simple Start

The Report: A Simple Start
A tutorial for younger students, with evaluations available if desired.
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Almost two decades ago I wrote a tutorial for younger students, to spare them the agony I had in junior high and high school trying to juggle a long essay, bibliography and notes requirements, multiple sources, and subject matter that was usually brand new to me. This step-by-step guide helps writers learn how to take material they already know well and write an essay about it, adding in source material to boost the interest or authority of what they have to say. It's a friendly approach, and it worked well for my five years teaching online for Veritas Scholars Academy, which still uses the tutorial for its students in Composition 2. Order optional evaluations here. 

Building Great Sentences

These 24 exercises may be completed with my evaluations for each exercise, or you may request the exercises as a courtesy (with handling fee) if you have purchased Professor Landon's book (click on the cover for the Amazon version) or the Great Courses version of the course.

Building Great Sentences

A series of 24 exercises in sentence construction and style, adaptable to secondary students through professionals. The video course from The Great Courses is complex and for more mature students, but these exercises are more accessible, reduced to their essence. The course fee includes evaluation of all exercises in several submissions.

24 Exercises with Evaluations for "Building Great Sentences" from Brooks Landon


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Apprenticeship Writing Workshop

This advanced course is a great follow-up to the Progymnasmata Tutorial and makes use of Greg Roper's excellent text The Writer's Workshop: Imitating Your Way to Better Writing. Take a look at the text (use the See Inside feature to explore the contents), and if it appeals to you, email to discuss it with me. 

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