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Writing a research essay doesn't have to be as painful as lying on a bed of nails!



Intimidated by the Research Essay?

Worried about notecards and outlines?

Want a sane approach?

Read on! 


In eleventh grade I had to write a term paper about The Scarlet Letter, and not only did I need to do background research on Hawthorne and the American Puritans, but I also had to learn the strict discipline of keeping carefully-coded note cards and remember those pesky Roman numerals to keep a proper outline. Oh, and did I mention that we hadn't even discussed the novel in class? This was an independent project.

Sound familiar?


Even though I was a good writer in high school, I hate to think what a chore it would have been to my teacher to read the resulting essay. So when I started teaching young writers how to write this kind of essay decades ago, I decide to approach the task in a way that would save their sanity and mine, and actually teach them the mechanics of a research essay without overly complicating it with unfamiliar material. 

The result was The Report: A Simple Start. I used this tutorial years later when I developed a unit on the research essay for Veritas Scholars Academy, and hundreds of students have used it in the last seven years. It is now available for free for all who are interested in pursuing a less-painful version of a classic academic essay. It is appropriate for students from about seventh grade on up - anyone who is not yet comfortable with the process of writing a research essay. 



Click here to download The Report: A Simple Start.


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