Building Great Sentences

"Great writing begins - and ends - with the sentence."

-from the Great Courses description


Brooks Landon of the University of Iowa created a video course for The Great Courses entitled Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft. Professor Landon and I corresponded about the lessons and he gave me permission to use his material to create a small workbook based on the course, and I am using those for WRIT 101 students at Grove City College this year. 


The link above will show you the contents of the video course (I encourage you to wait for a sale!), and the cover to the right is the book form of the course, available on Amazon. When I watched I had to replay early lessons several times to really follow the deep rhetorical analysis, but the magic of the course is in the sentence play Landon invites. My local high school class got a lot out of the exercises several years ago, and I want to share them with you.


You can sample one exercise in the September issue of the WRASSE Line (subscribe at ), enroll in the "Building Great Sentences" course I am offering, or simply request the exercises (with handling fee, via the course link) if you have purchased Professor Landon's book or the video course. 

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