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Turnabout is Fair Play!

Logo for Words with JAM

I learned in January of a fascinating website, Words with JAM, the ezine for writers and publishers, that features a monthly "Cornerstones Mini Masterclass." A writer submits the first page of a manuscript and Ayisha Malik, Managing Editor of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, completes an in-depth critique of that page for readers.

Take a look at the February 2016 post, a critique of Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan. I thought my students would enjoy seeing me put my own writing under close scrutiny. :-)  I added a comment on the site inviting readers to learn more at RosetteBook.com .



ROSETTE is Now Available to Purchase on Kindle!

Painting of a 19th century woman seated on the ground by a field of grain, with the title ROSETTE, Cindy Rinaman Marsch
The cover of ROSETTE

Although Rosette was not chosen for publication by Kindle Press, despite an excellent campaign in December and January, it is now available for purchase!



Click the picture to the left to go to the Rosette website to learn more about the novel, or go directly to Amazon to order a copy for your Kindle. An illustrated paperback version will be available soon. Join the Readers List at the Rosette website to be notified of the best possible deals when it is available.


Order Rosette for Kindle



(Cover painting and design by Betsy Marsch)